Public Affairs

Government relations is crucial to all business organizations - it’s about being heard, having a say. But policy-making around the world is incredibly complex and fast-moving: New policies, new legislation, new leaders emerge all the time, and keeping pace can be a challenge. Throughout the world, a core part of how we create advantage is through understanding differwent legislative landscapes, reading the runes and positioning our clients to best effect, turning threats into opportunities, opponents into advocates and helping to shape new policies.

PR CLUB will help you find the right Master of Ceremonies, public speaker, and presenter for your events. We will help you find the right professional for television work, corporate groups, meetings, incentives, seminars, conventions, parties and weddings for Bulgaria based events and overseas. The MC is a facilitator that has to connect with the audience and get your event moving along. It's a job that requires planning and some natural skill, but involvement with the organisation or cause and a willingness to serve others is vital. Tash has vast experience in this field including presenting on television and knows what to look for when casting the right person for the job.

PR CLUB has a portfolio of other professionals to suit client's needs, just get in touch and we will be delighted to assist.