Event Management


You know your opening date and you also know that guest rooms and villas need literature. You also know that you need to generate a buzz for your opening. Resort openings are one of the biggest PR events that happen in a resort's history so let's get it right.

Our services are twofold each with equal priority: Firstly, we offer copywriting and project management services for all your marketing communications needs, including both internal and external communications. Some examples are: Promotional leaflets, posters, brochures, advertising and website copy. Secondly, we also offer PR services to assist in your launch, whilst developing a copy bank so that your team can then be empowered to submit descriptive copy to media requests in the future.


Some may say that press conferences are fading out now that the Internet offers instantly digestible dissemination of news and information and rapid question and answer sessions in the form of blogging and forums. This is true, but know your brand, your message and your audience. In this part of Europe, press conferences are still popular as culturally journalists like to see the main players and enjoy the social element of press conferences. It is also a way for you to meet writers – as much as the Internet is mighty powerful and offers many forums for social media, there's nothing like chatting to someone up close and personal and building rapport the good old fashioned way.

If you are launching an innovative brand or event and you have something interesting to say then a press conference can work for you. Generating a buzz and an air of excitement should be top of the agenda when inviting media to come and hear what you have to say. Press conferences can be events in their own right, PR CLUB will ensure that your press conference achieves all its goals.